If there's one problem that all parents encounter, it's getting those unstable little humans to lay down, shut their eyes, and float away to the land of nod.

Now, it goes without saying that a pre-bedtime routine is key. When you find something that works, stick to it - with military accuracy. Whether it be a bath, a snack, pajamas, saying goodnight to everyone... experiment and find that magic combination.

But if the strategy stops there you're in trouble, my friend! What about the task of actually getting them to sleep? Are you stuck in the infinite "one more story" loop? We dug out some pretty unique approaches that may help.

Keep 'em Hanging

This post by a mom on Reddit recently caught our attention. The general idea is when putting the little one to bed, explain that you'll be back in 2 minutes to check on them. The suspense should (hopefully) keep them from crying. When the 2 minutes are up go back in, comfort them, and say you'll be back in 4 minutes. Gradually increase the intervals until they fall asleep.

Bedtime Fading

There's some good science behind this one. If your toddler isn't sleeping at the time you desire, try this method of re-aligning their internal body clock. It's straight forward: begin by putting them to bed late one night - so late that they have a powerful physiological urge to sleep. Then adjust the schedule slightly over multiple days. Throw in a consistent pre-bedtime routine and you'll be winning!

Nursery Rhymes (yes, really)

This one comes with a personal seal of approval. We found some beautiful string versions of popular nursery rhymes on Spotify, and discovered that singing softly over these really does the trick for our twins. Just 3 or 4 of these beauties and they're out like a light! What's more, every parent will know the lyrics. Check out our Spotify playlist here.