I can’t recall one day that’s gone by where I haven’t caught myself full-on belting out a nursery rhyme. It is my unconscious version of self-torture. I like to compare it to when someone is held captive in a movie while in isolation, and the same song is repeatedly blaring through the cell.

But why do these songs get so stuck in our heads? They follow the same pattern, which helps kids remember them easier. And their parents too.

It doesn’t stop me from encouraging my kid to sing along or make endless playlists on Spotify. The playlists are all appropriately named:

  • Temper Tantrum
  • Mega Tantrum
  • S.O.S

Each has about five songs each. Increasing in popularity as tensions rise. It is my go-to method for calming my kid. Music is proven to relax them and elevate their mood truly.  

Here are the top nursery rhymes that help calm toddlers:

  1. I’m a Little Teapot
  2. If You’re Happy and You Know it
  3. ABC’s
  4. Shake Your Sillies Out
  5. Baby Shark (can’t forget this gem)

Make a playlist and give it a whirl!